Contra Festival Monterey Crock-pot

The last few months have been spent writing songs, making a few videos, and dreaming of better times. Magically, it all seemed to add up to an EP. Almost ready for release!

Led by a cover of "I Think Ur a Contra", masterfully written by Ezra Koenig & Rostam Batmanglij, and originally performed by Vampire Weekend. These are songs about outdoor markets, plane trips, cooking techniques, and relationships. A touch of 2020, a bit of nostalgia, and a nod to the future. Here's hoping this music brings you some smiles, and a return to life as you want it.

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Stephen Sandlin has been making music and performing around Texas, since the early 90s. Originally from Houston, he spent time in New York City, New Jersey and North Carolina before settling back in Houston to make music, art prints, and video projects. Attempting to bring humor and energy, to both the stage and his recordings. With a collection of solo works, music written with his band Haywood, as well as collaborations with Brandon Elam of The Literary Greats, and Bryan Cox of Lazer Blazer. There's plenty to enjoy.