Lazer Blazer Dino Print
Lazer Blazer Dino Print
Lazer Blazer Dino Print
Lazer Blazer

Lazer Blazer Dino Print

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This print was designed for the Ft Worth band: Lazer Blazer. The dinosaur image was drawn by one of the band member's children.

This is an original, hand-pulled relief print. It was designed, and then hand-carved into a linoleum block, which I hand ink, and press with a traditional bamboo sheathed hand barren, creating each individual print. Prints are then hang-dried, packed, and shipped to you. Prints are shipped in a rigid cardboard mailer or tube (depending on print size) to prevent damage in transit. This print is unframed.

This is an open edition print, which is signed, dated and embossed (not shown in picture). It was printed using oil-based printing ink on heavy printmaking archival paper. Because these are original prints and not digital reproductions, please allow for variations in print and color. Light printing smudges are sometimes a part of this process. These imperfections are character, not mistakes!

Paper: Strathmore 400 Series
Ink: Cranfield Caligo Safe Wash Relief Inks
Printing Technique: Hand pulled relief print
Paper Size: 9 x 12 inches
Circulation: Open Edition Print

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